Advent Study 'So what are you waiting for?'

'The season of Advent bends time itself. And for us, time drags or speeds by, depending on our circumstances and stage of life. Our attitude to time gives us clues about our attitude towards God.It’s a cliche to say that we live our lives often waiting for life to start, but that’s what many people experience, until they realise that they were living their lives all along. Whether you’re always in a hurry or have too much time on your hands, this course is for you, as we explore a spiritual life that encourages us to be active in the chronological world, and rooted in Kairos, God’s time'.                                                                                                                                                              York Courses

This year, we have chosen the York Course 'So what are we waiting for' and there is an opportunity to join either the Thursday morning study group or the Sunday morning one, or both.  Whichever suits you - all are welcome.

The Thursday morning study will be led by Martin Dore and meets from 10.15am until 11.45am on Thursdays 30 November and 7, 14 and 21 December, 2017.

The Sunday morning study will be led by Andy Lippok and meets from 9.15am until 10.15am, finishing just before the start of our 'All Together Now' service at 10.30.

The booklet to accompany the course will be available shortly from the Church Office, price £5, or on a Sunday morning.

All are Welcome