Vine Trust - Young Church's charity appeal

The Vine Trust

Each autumn, the Young Church choose a charity to support, with the help of our congregation.  This year we are supporting the Vine Trust, an organisation that aims to help some of the poorest children and communities around the world.  The Vine Trust has many on-going projects in Tanzania and Peru and has helped over 1.3 million people living in severe poverty.  Using two barges, volunteers continue to provide medical treatment to over 100,000 people along the Amazon in Peru and around Lake Victoria in Tanzania.  Home building and school development expeditions are also undertaken every year, providing vital education facilities for those in extreme poverty.

To raise money for the Vine Trust the Young Church have launched their 'Shed your Pounds' campaign.  Please collect as many of the old £1 coins you can find before they are phased out (at the end of October 2017) and donate them either on Sunday mornings or to the Church Office at any time during the week.

This appeal is now closed, thanks to everyone who contributed.  Just over £100 was raised and has been forward to the Vine Trust.  Thank you!