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The Fairmilehead Parish Church Young Church are a lively and active part of our church family. The Young Church meet during the Worship Now! or All Together Now! services. Children are invited to join the first part of our service with their families, where they come together for ‘StoryTime’. Following this they then leave the main service and break out into their different age groups, which make use of our extensive church halls. We have five different age groups that meet each week; The Creche, Sunbeams, Stepping Stones, Explorers and Pathfinders. Our creche meets every Sunday of the year and is available for babies toddlers up to age 3. Parents/guardians are welcome to leave the service with their children before returning to the remainder of the service once the children have settled. Sunbeams, Stepping Stones and Explorers are our groups for Primary aged children. The groups follow a mix of Seasons of the Spirit and Roots to guide the teaching and allowing the children to delve a little deeper into the weeks lectionary readings. We currently have 58 under 18s involved in the life of our church, with 10 - 15 primary and 8 - 12 secondary school children attending most Sundays.







Creche - for babies and toddlers up to 3 years                                                        Sunbeams for children aged 3 to Primary 1










Stepping Stones - Primary 2, 3 and 4  and Explorers - Primary 5, 6 and 7  

Young Church Sponsored Child

As part of its outreach, the Young Church sponsors a child in Kemba, Ethiopia through the charity Action Aid.  Kule is around ten years old and sends us messages through an interpreter, which are then shared around the Young Church.  In his most recent letter, Kule wrote about the house he lives in.  This is a hut made of wood, sticks and with a thatched roof.  There is only one room, which is used as both 'bedroom and dining room', and which is shared by Kule, his brothers and his parents.  Outside their house, within the compound, they grow coffee, mango and paw paw trees.

The money raised by sponsorship of Kule and others like him is used by Action Aid to improve the lives of the communities in the area.  For example, money has been provided for the construction of new classrooms, for the provision of clean water and, on a lighter note, for footballs and t-shirts from English football teams!  One of the most important aspects to sponsorship is that it enables Kule to attend school rather than to work all day for the family.  Unfortunately, in the area, school dropout rates are relatively high at 13% and this rises with the less able grades - a project has recently been started to encourage children to return to school.

Please contact Helen Grant or Sandra Walton, via the Church Office, for more information

'All are Welcome in this Place'