Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever has faith in me shall live, even though he dies;  and no one who is alive and has faith in me shall ever die."  John 11:  25

Funerals are usually arranged by first contacting an undertaker.  Where it is the wish of the family to use the services of the Minister or church, the undertaker will liaise with the Minister to confirm his willingness to officiate and his availability at a time convenient to the family.  Where the Minister, or the church, are to be involved in the service all details should be agreed with the Minister before any arrangements are made.

Practical arrangements have to be considered such as the availability of the church at the preferred times as well as the organist, church officer and Office Bearers for door duty.  This may take some time to arrange and no notice of the funeral arrangements should be placed with a newspaper until everything has been discussed and agreed.

On hearing of a death, the Minister will contact the immediate family by telephoned as soon as possible. If it seems appropriate the Order of Service and the choice of hymns may be discussed although, understandably, other concerns at this time may take priority.

Family, friends and relatives occasionally say a few words at a funeral service - the Minister will be happy to advise and to assist in the preparation of the text.

Where a service is requested in the church, a small charge will be made for heating and lighting, the duties of a church officer (if outwith normal hours) and the organist.  These costs are kept to a minimum and there is no charge for the service of the Minister.

The charges made by undertakers for their services will vary according to the funeral arrangements selected by the family.  These should be discussed with the individual firms of your choosing.  Although at first sight it may seem inappropriate and even insensitive, reputable undertakers will provide an estimate of the costs involved.  There are separate charges for cremation or burial.  The church does not recommend any particular firm of undertaker.

"There is nothing in death or life, in the world as it is, or the world as it shall be, nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."  Romans 8: 38, 39