The Guild at Fairmilehead Parish Church

'Seeking the Way'

We are an Afternoon Guild who meet at 2.30pm in the church's Frogston Hall on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from October to April. We have a very varied syllabus for the coming year and warmly welcome new and existing members to our meetings.








The Church of Scotland Guild has around 30,000 members. Its purpose is to unite women and men in Christian fellowship and to enable them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action. Annual themes were introduced to encourage Guilds to plan their programmes more effectively. 

We have a different Chairperson at each meeting and we invite speakers from our own church, from the local community and further afield to talk on interesting, topical subjects that are creative, charitable or social.

The retiring collection, after church on Sunday 24th February, 2019, raised £632.44 for this year's chosen Project, the Boys' Brigade.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Guild's programme of talks and meetings is below.



                     'All are Welcome in this Place'




Guild Syllabus 2019 - all meetings are at 2.30pm

15 January Joint Meeting with Greenbank Guild  
16 January IN GATHERING and Galapagos Islands Pamela Black
6 February Quiz - Eileen McDougal  
20 February Project Speaker  
6 March Holocaust Trust Mamie Philp
20 March Yard Scotland  
3 April Old Leith, New Leith John Dickson