Can you help?


The ministries at Fairmilehead happen in large part because of one thing - volunteers.  When you use your gifts and passions to serve others, it honours God and allows our church to thrive. 

From serving teas and coffees and collecting donations for the Food Bank to working with children and teenagers and being a member of particular Committee, there's a place for your unique contribution.

And when you step up to serve, God can use you in ways you never expected.  Serving not only honours God, but also allows great relationships to develop.  Why not consider taking the next steps to get involved and check out our current volunteer opportunities?  Whether it’s behind the scenes or front of house, we’d love to have you on board. 

Flowers in the church

We have fresh flowers in church again as we return to normal after the pandemic. Sadly over these past two years we have lost 20 of our flower donors and also  a number of people who placed the flowers in church. 

We are looking to fill both gaps and are seeking people who would like to volunteer  for this pleasant and rewarding task, please put your name and contact details on one of the lists which are on the welcome desk in the church entrance or contact Fiona in the Church Office.

During the past two years flowers have been purchased and delivered to members of the congregation who have suffered illness or bereavement and the church flower fund has been considerably depleted as a result. 

Donations to the fund would be greatly appreciated contributing to our ongoing pastoral demands.

Finance Committee

  1.  ‘Payment Person’ to
  • write cheques to pay authorised invoices and send to suppliers. (All the church’s Committees have to ensure invoices are authorised and within budget or they won't be paid)
  • Liaise with property re utility contracts and set up appropriate dd/so.  (The Property committee would still negotiate the contracts ensuring we get charity exemptions.)
  • Liaise and update the treasurer and bookkeeper to ensure the computer records are updated.
  1. Gift Aid Convener.  It is hoped that this will be on a computer package which will reduce work required very considerably.  The person should be:-
  • Computer literate 
  • Maintain list of gift aid donors on line.
  • Maintain lists of envelope donors.
  • Provide monthly updates from bank account of donations that month and gift aid attributable. 
  • Make quarterly gift aid claim to HMRC
  • Write annual thank you letter to donors 
  • Liaise with treasurer and bookkeeper to update accounts. 
  1. Prepare Accounts of smaller Committees

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee would like to recruit two or more members.  Further information can be obtained from the Session Clerk. to:-

Fundraising Group

The Fundraising Group would like to recruit one or more members, to join the Fundraising effort.  The current project is raising funds for the repair of the roof, but it is envisaged that the work of the fund raising group will continue for other projects, for example replacement of the boilers, or the maintenance and upkeep of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary, or the supply of suitable disabled access doors.  All committee members are tasked with the research into suitable methods of fundraising, and researching grants which may be applied for.

Property Committee – two members, one to take responsibility for the utilities including gas and electricity contracts, boilers and knowledge of setting the heating time clock for the halls and Sanctuary and one to take minutes.

Website Manager - the main duty is to keep the website up to date by being aware of upcoming church events, adding and deleting time sensitive information and creating new web pages as and when the need arises.     On-going support from ChurchEdit is available by e-mail or telephone.  The routine duties amount to between 10 and 15 hours per month. 

For further information,  please contact the Session Clerk c/o the Church Office