Information on Gift Aid

The work of Fairmilehead Parish Church, within the parish itself and in the wider world, is only made possible by the generous donations of its members.  Our giving sustains the church building and its halls, our Minister and Parish Assistant and the wider work of the Church of Scotland.  Our parish ministry is measured in every ill person visited, every bereaved family comforted, every funeral conducted, every baptism celebrated, every sermon preached, communion celebrated and fellowship shared.

The Gift Aid scheme allows us to recover some of the tax you have already paid.  For every pound given by Gift Aid it is possible to recover 25p from the HMRC (Tax Man). This is an absolutely essential part of our total income. The only further involvement you will have is to remember to enter the amount you give in the relevant part of your tax return, if you make one.  The Gift Aid treasurer will acknowledge your payment on an annual basis.  The tax recovery from HMRC itself is all done for you within my duties.

In order for the Church to benefit by Gift Aid, the Church is required to have an audit trail, i.e. we have to know when and how much has been paid in any one year before a claim is made.  In order to do this, payment has to be either by Bankers Order or by means of the weekly offering envelopes.

Please complete the Gift Aid Form which should be downloaded, completed and returned to the Church Office.  If you wish to contribute by Banker's Order, please complete the Banker's Order form which should be given directly to your bank.  If you have internet banking you can also arrange regular donations on line.  If you wish to use the weekly offering envelopes please let me know when you return the Gift Aid Form and I will deliver them to you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Chris Thompson via the Church Office, Tel 0131 445 2374 or e-mail

CONFIDENTIALITY    The Gift Aid Convener is the only person who knows how much you give and when.  The Gift Aid Convener may be asked from time to time if you donate but will only say yes or no.  No other information will be released.