Reopening the Church

Fairmilehead Parish Church will reopen for a worship service of Contemplative Prayers and Music on Easter Sunday.  

We look forward to welcoming you back to church on Sundays at 9.30am (the doors will open from 9.15am) until mid June, when we plan to revert to the usual time of 10.30am.  Due to social distancing, there are only 38 seats available for the congregation each Sunday so you will need to book a seat in advance.  Please telephone the Church Office 445-2374 on Wednesday or Thursday mornings between 9am and 12 noon to book a seat

Please take note of the following:

  • Wear a face covering which covers mouth and nose (unless exempt)
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Sanitise your hands every time you enter and leave the Sanctuary
  • No physical contact
  • Sign in to Trace and Protect (if you have not pre-booked and there is space available)
  • You MUST NOT ATTEND if you suspect you might have Covid-19 symptoms, are self isolating or living with someone who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or are not well
  • Please consider whether or not you should come to Church if you are shielding, are in a 'vulnerable' group or have an underlying health condition
  • Entry to the Church will be through the main front door.  Please stand on the socially distanced markers until called forward to enter.  Entry by the Side door is only for the less-abled (please state this when booking).
  • Exit will be by the Side Door, and then the Side Door Fire Exit
  • There will be no singing, the hymn books and Bibles have been removed - you may bring your own Bible with you but you must not share it
  • Children are welcome to come and sit with their parents
  • There will be one toilet (preferably only to be used in an emergency) available in the Ladies and Gents, remember to wash your hands thoroughly! 
  • Please don't go anywhere else in the Church Centre.  
  • There will be no tea and coffee available after service and we ask that you don't gather together in groups to chat, but leave the church grounds immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions on returning to worship in the Sanctuary

The answers to these questions follow the Scottish Government advice and that of the Church of Scotland

F.A.C.T.S. Face Covering, Avoid Crowded places, Clean your hands, Two-metre distance,  Self-isolate if you have symptoms.



Who is allowed back to services at Fairmilehead?

Anyone who has booked a seat at the service by either e-mailing or telephoning the Church Office on either Wednesday or Thursday mornings 9am-12noon  0131 445 2374.   Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

If someone arrives who has not booked a seat, and there is space, they must sign in for Test and Protect.

How many people can attend the service?

Government regulations indicate a maximum capacity of 45 people including everyone on duty (the Minister, Parish Assistant, Organist and Duty Team (4) at the service can enter the church. This means seats are available for 38 people.

Will I be able to sing hymns at the service?

At present, Government regulations do not allow singing or chanting at church services.

How do I enter and exit the Church?

Entrance will be through the main front door of the church and exit is through the side door and side fire exit. Duty Elders/volunteers will advise members attending the service on how to exit the church.

Can I choose my seat in the Church?

The Duty Team will guide you to an available seat. At present you will not be able to choose your own seat.

Can I sit in the gallery?

The gallery is currently out of use.

Can I sit beside my friend?

Two-metre social distancing applies in the church and only family members/those in a ‘support bubble’ will be able to sit together.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Yes, you must wear a face covering whilst in the church.  Please ensure your face mask covers both your mouth and nose.

Do I have to clean my hands?

Hand sanitizer is available at the door of the church for everyone to use.

Will there be an order of Service?

No. To reduce the potential of cross contamination there will be no order of service.

Can I bring my own Bible or Hymn book?

Yes, but you will not be able to share your Hymn book or Bible with anyone else.  Bibles and Hymn books have been removed from the Church.  Singing is not permitted at present.

Will there be a collection during the service?

There will be no collection during the service but a collection box will be placed at the entry and exit points of the church. Please place your contribution in the box, preferably in an envelope, as you enter/exit the church.  You may prefer to set up a standing order.  If you would like help with this please contact Carole by telephone in the Church Office 445-2374.

How long will the service last?

The service will last approximately 25 mins.

Will I be able to have access to a toilet?

Yes, the toilets in the Church Centre will be available for use but, as there is no cleaner on duty, it is preferred that you return home!  

Can I chat to my friends in the church garden or car park after the service?

Sorry, not at all.  The Church of Scotland’s Guidelines to Reopening state “the congregation must take all reasonable steps to prevent worshippers from congregating outside the church building”. So please leave immediately and return home.  

How often is the church cleaned?

All touch points, seats and surfaces in the church will be cleaned after every service, if access is required again to the church within 72 hours.

Will there be Coffee/ Tea served after the service?

At present, social gatherings are not permitted in the church or halls, therefore we cannot serve refreshments after the service.

Will the church be cold?

Yes.   All the doors will be open to increase ventilation.  Please wear warm clothes.