Hire of Halls

Due to the Covid-19, our halls are currently closed but we plan to re-open them as soon as the restrictions are lifted and the Presbytery of Edinburgh have approved our Checklist and Risk Assessments.  At the moment - the beginning of September - we still do not know when that will be.  We will do our best to meet your needs but it may be likely that there will be larger gaps between hall lets to allow for extra cleaning.  We may have to change class/activity times to minimise cross contamination between groups.  The social distancing guidelines may mean that the hall capacity is reduced.  We don't know but we can work together to make something possible and keep everyone safe.  We do know that Swanston Hall will be used by the nursery of South Morningside Primary School and it is unlikely to be available for evening or weekend lets for a while.  We will also require you to sign a new lease, which will take into account restrictions due to Covid-19.  We will also need you to submit a risk assessment for the hall you are booking.  Fairmilehead Parish Church will also supply you with our Risk Assessment.

To help you plan for your return, the measurements for each hall are below.  

The Halls 

Fairmilehead Parish Church, Edinburgh is less than 4 miles south of the city centre and a short distance from the City Bypass (Lothianburn junction). It offers five halls for external hire.  The halls vary in size and features and are backed up a kitchen, toilets and disabled access.  See the plan below:-

 Caerketton Hall seats 40, has a wooden floor and a high ceiling,  This hall is used primarily during the week by the church - Seedlings, A Time of Stillness, the Pop up Cafe and the Knitting Group.  More activities are planned but please do enquire if this hall might suit your needs. (Approx 7.85m x 5.90m)








Frogston Hall seats 150, wooden floor, lower ceiling and partition if required (whole area Approx 18m x 7.52m)

 Buckstone Hall seats 180 in main hall, wooden floor and stage if required (Approx 18.30m x 9.46m) (sTAGE NOT AVAILABLE)



 Caiystane Hall seats 60, carpeted floor (Approx 9.24m x 6.70m)

 Swanston Hall seats 80, half hall usually available (Approx 15.90m x 7m)  NOT AVAILABLE

The remainder of the halls complex comprises  Office,  Foyer,  The Church, Ladies, Gents & Disabled toilets and modern Kitchen.

There's a suitable hall for all occasions and the hire of two or more halls simultaneously provides additional flexibility for larger groups for staff training, conferences and similar purposes.

Travel & Parking

There's a car park outside the entrance to the halls in addition to ample on street parking in close proximity. The church hall complex is outside the Edinburgh “Controlled Parking Zone” so hall users can park safely and free of charge.

There are bus stops nearby for routes 4, 11 & 400. During working hours there are frequent buses on the main routes.

The Church and its halls are  in an excellent location to meet the travelling needs of hall users being less than 5 minutes from the city bypass and served very well by public transport from the city centre. Together with ample free parking this helps to keep costs down.

Hall Users 

Past and current users of the halls have come from business, commerce, community organisations and individuals organising sporting, keep fit and social activities from Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Recent hirers of the halls for “one off” events have included local employers for staff training purposes, parents for children's parties, charities for fund raising activities and individuals for talks and lectures.

Contact Us 

For information on hall availability, hall charges and letting procedures please contact our Church Centre Co-ordinator, on 0131 445 2374 or by e-mail office@fhpc.org.uk

'All are Welcome in this Place'