Monthly Prayer Diary

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Monday 1st Many young people find themselves with low self-esteem and socially isolated, which leads one in twelve into destructive patterns of behaviour. On Self Harm Awareness Day, pray for God’s love to find them, for parents and friends to reach out to them, and for Our Lord to bless the help offered by Young Minds.  

Tuesday 2nd Tomorrow the Voice Project , now renamed Megasound, is opening up on Zoom to a much greater age range of children, from P1 upwards, with singing, games, quizzes, etc. Pray God’s warm blessing on this initiative, and for many children to join.

Wednesday 3rd  On World Wildlife Day, pray that God would move us and our leaders to be deeply concerned about sustaining all life on earth and conserving our planet’s magnificent creatures for future generations, and for His inspiration to help us take effective action.

Thursday 4th Yesterday was World Hearing Day, which saw the launch of the World Report on Hearing, a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases. Pray for God’s blessing on every initiative to help sufferers.

Friday 5th The World Day of Prayer is an ecumenical initiative by Christian women, focused this year on Vanuatu in the Pacific. Pray God’s blessing on Mayumi and her ‘Big Heart Island Vanuatu’ volunteers, and on the victims of natural disasters such as Cyclone Harold, whom they are busy helping.

Saturday 6th Pray for all those at present living with mental health issues and for help for those having to cope with relationship problems in a time of Lockdown.

Sunday 7th Pray for strength, wisdom and insight for all in positions of church leadership. We pray for our minister Cheryl and also the ministers who form our new cluster group, Martin at Greenbank and Derek in Morningside. 

Monday 8th This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Choose to Challenge”, pinpointing gender bias, inequality and injustice. Ask God to make us more aware of the achievements of women who have challenged gender stereotypes in scientific and medical research, and to help us find ways to thank and encourage them.

Tuesday 9th   Remember in prayer the people of Burma/Myanmar after the military coup, especially hundreds of innocent people arrested at night and their families, and Christians and Muslims, targets of soldiers’ brutality in the past. Pray for an end to violence by the military, respect for human rights, release of all political prisoners, and the return of genuine democracy, as demanded by the UN.

Wednesday 10th  Pray for strength and continuing compassion for all working in our hospitals; for doctors and nurses in our hospitals under great stress, coping with another exhausting wave of serious infections and the traumatic experience of patients’ deaths. Ask the Lord for renewed strength for all who are weary and exhausted.

Thursday 11th   Pray for all residents and families who have been affected by adverse events and restrictions in nursing and care homes which have caused distress. May God give them the strength to live with the frustration, heartache, and pain that these tragic events bring.

Friday 12th Bring before our loving Lord the renewed fellowship in person we all long for, praying for the time to come as soon as possible when we can all meet together in person with family and friends, and no one will be left lonely.

Saturday 13th Pray for children isolated from their friends and struggling with home schooling, some with unsupportive parents or no access to the internet, that they may receive the education to live fulfilling lives. Pray for parents balancing work and watching over their children trying to be attentive to live classroom teaching and recorded lessons. Lord, bless every pupil and teacher, body, mind, and soul. Pray for energy and adequate rest for teachers, janitors, office and support staff.

Sunday 14th Mary, Jesus’ mother, had many sons and daughters, all of whom she loved individually. On Mothering Sunday, we give thanks for our church and the role of the mother church which gave rise to this day. We give thanks that the Holy Spirit reaches out through the world church and our own local church.

Monday 15th “The desert waits—the place of self-discovery. And whilst we fear...the loneliness and emptiness and harshness, we forget the angels, whom we cannot see for our blindness, who come when God decides that we need help.” (Ruth Burgess) In the dry wilderness of this pandemic, help us, God, to know that you never leave us or abandon us, but are always active to fulfil your purposes in our lives. Open our hearts to receive the help you send to meet our spiritual needs, which your angels clearly see.

Tuesday 16th An estimated 700,000 young carers in the UK look after a family members who are ill and other members of the family. On Young Carers Action Day, pray for increased support for them, and for employers and higher education to recognise the skills such young people have developed, resilience, empathy, and time management.

Wednesday 17th “We’ve seen this year how vital quality healthcare is in securing not only physical wellbeing but also our ability to go to school.” (Professor Jason Leitch). Pray for Our Lord’s blessing on EMMS International’s Christian healthcare work in Nepal and their “Every Girl Matters” Appeal, to ensure that every Nepali girl can continue in education and fulfil her potential.

Thursday 18th Pray for families and friends who are currently unable to visit or see their loved ones and those who are lonely and missing the day-to-day human contact. Loving Lord, give them comfort and hope, until we can be reunited. We also remember all those who are grieving and heart-broken, having lost loved ones. May they experience personally Your promise that all who mourn shall be comforted. 

Friday 19th Pray for our governments to recognise the rapidity of climate change and the urgent need to take swift action to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70% (from 1990 levels) by 2030. Ask God to give all leaders the courage to commit to a truly international response to this global challenge.

Saturday 20th As we continue to wait for restrictions to be eased, we pray we will be able to let go of our impatience and resentments. 

Sunday 21st As we mark one year that our church building has been closed, we give thanks to God for all the ways the church has continued to reach out in love and service to others. The church is not a building, the church is the people.  

Monday 22nd On World Water Day, pray God’s blessing on Tearfund’s work bringing precious clean water to rural villages in Nepal and using micro-hydro-power plants to provide electricity where none has been available before.

Tuesday 23rd “The meaning of my life—what defines me—can be nothing other than my relationship to Christ...the starting and finishing points are in Christ” (Rev. Dr. Martin Fair). May we echo this prayer (which people sometimes sing): “Jesus is living; Jesus is here; Jesus my Lord, come closer to me”.

Wednesday 24th Pray for a world where people are willing to listen to opposing views, where no one is excluded or belittled, and for a return to consideration and kindness to others. Ask God to be with the Peacemakers, that we may live in a world free from violence and hunger.

Thursday 25th “You watched my brother die. That could have been me; I am my brother’s keeper,” said George Floyd’s brother, in an impassioned speech to the UN Human Rights Council. On the International Day Remembering Victims of Slavery and the Slave Trade, pray for the estimated 40 million people living in slavery today and ask God to empower and bless all who are speaking out and taking action against racism and slavery. 

Friday 26th Please continue to pray that our church finds a really diligent and totally competent contractor to resolve the church’s roofing problems for the next 40 years, and that we raise sufficient funds.

Saturday 27th The pandemic has exacerbated the problems which cause homelessness. While most of the homeless are temporarily housed in B & Bs and hotels, the long-term solution to their problems has been deferred. Pray for God’s blessing on all initiatives to provide permanent accommodation for everyone vulnerable to homelessness.

Sunday 28th On Palm Sunday we are reminded how often triumph and tragedy are inextricably linked. Today, rejoice that our Saviour’s glorious life is recognised by 2.4 billion people world-wide. Pray that, as we mourn the loss of so many lives in the last year, our Loving God will also inspire us with the promise of the resurrection and eternal joy to come.

Monday 29th “Cutting the UK Aid Budget is like closing fire stations during a heat wave” (Sally Fulton): Christian Aid and the Church of Scotland have criticised the cut in overseas aid from 0.7% of national income to 0.5%. Pray for the UK government to reconsider the desperate needs of poor nations and change its decision.

Tuesday 30th “God is endlessly inventive and tenaciously faithful in offering salve for the wounds of our existence” “that movement from fragmentation back to peace” (Joanne Love). Many people are in need of spiritual healing; place someone in need prayerfully and faithfully in God’s healing hands.

Wednesday 31st  Bring before our Loving God in prayer all the children of Scotland and every child in Fairmilehead. Pray for safety, love and joy for all our children, and for God to bless every child in the world deprived of family and affection.