Monthly Prayer Diary

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Thursday 1st Pray for a continuing truly generous response from many people to the Fundraising Appeal for the major roof repairs to the church buildings.

Friday 2nd Tomorrow is the International Day of Cooperatives, encouraging “the ideals of international solidarity, equality, and world peace”. Pray for God to be at work bringing national leaders together co-operatively to solve problems like Covid-19 and the climate emergency.

Saturday 3rd This is National Bereaved Parents Awareness Day and Month, raising concern for all who have lost a child. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts, healing and helping to restore them to cope with the loss and heartbreak.

Sunday 4th Sunday services at Fairmilehead church start at 10.30 am from today onwards. Pray for spiritual blessings and for all to feel included.

Monday 5th On Pet Remembrance Day, in Lost Pet Prevention Month, thank God for the wonderful companionship of our pet animals, who helped so many people to cope in lockdown. Pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost precious companions, and for improved systems to find and rescue stolen animals. 

Tuesday 6th Praise God that children at Fairmilehead who baked cakes during Christian Aid Week raised £82, and that their challenge to church members who had been vaccinated to donate as a thank-you raised £1438!

Wednesday 7th Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John ch.8 v.32) On Tell the Truth Day, pray for all political and national leaders to put honesty first, rather than party advantage, and for trust to be rebuilt in our nation.

Thursday 8th This is NHS National Transplant Week, aiming to publicise the urgent need for organ donations and to reduce transplant waiting times by encouraging people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donation Register. Pray for an enthusiastic response. ‚Äč

Friday 9th July is Family Reunion Month: pray for all who have been unable to see family members living abroad for the last 18 months to be given the chance at last to meet again; and pray for precious NHS staff from overseas to be allowed to bring frail elderly mothers and fathers to live with them in the UK, rather than to be forced to leave their jobs here to return to their countries of origin to look after aged parents.

Saturday 10th The need for Covid-19 Vaccines in poorest countries continues to exceed supply by enormous margins. Pray for wealthy countries now to donate generous supplies via COVAX , and for God’s special blessing on Mission Aviation Fellowship as it flies vaccines into remote, isolated areas such as Lesotho.

Sunday 11th  “In the future when we talk of church we need to think past buildings and denominations...helping us to create a worldwide fellowship” (Very Rev. Dr. Albert Bogle); “Cross-Denominational partnership in mission should be better-understood and extended. ”Pray for the Church of Scotland and our fellowship to be open to ecumenical action and try to work together “in practical and prophetic ways..strengthening our partnership in ministry and mission ”with believers from other traditions, to help those in need. (General Assembly Report)

Monday 12th “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” (Henry Thoreau). On Simplicity Day, ask God to help us find the way to a life unencumbered by possessions. Is He perhaps leading us today to take a prayerful walk in nature (leaving our mobiles at home or switched off)?

Tuesday 13th “The sense of isolation we have all felt has been palpable.” (Rev. Mike Gargrave) “When the opportunity is taken away, then we understand the value of being able to see people face-to-face.” (Rev. Neil Campbell) Pray for all who have felt increasingly lonely in the last 18 months, asking God to bring them into contact with a smiling face and a warm greeting, and for Him to suggest to each one of us whom we might contact in Jesus’ name to bring them friendship and hope.

Wednesday 14th Emeline Pankhurst Day reminds us of the courageous struggle of the suffragettes over 100 years ago for full equality and emancipation for women. Pray for every part of our society to value women as highly as men and to prioritise their promotion and full protection from every danger.

Thursday 15th The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. On Arctic Sea Ice Day-- essential for Polar bears to hunt, breed, and make dens-- pray that we may listen to scientists’ warnings about Arctic sea ice not re-forming in Winter, and for world leaders to realize the urgency of the climate emergency and take immediate action.

Friday 16th “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” (Romans ch.8 v.26) When you can’t put your prayer into words, God hears your heart.  Pray for God to hear each urgent prayer from every desperate heart.

Saturday 17th   On the World Day for International Justice, pray for over 500 sub-Post-Masters, victims of injustice, accused of fraud and theft, their lives ruined, some going to jail, others losing their homes, as a result of a faulty computer programme. Pray for every one to be declared totally innocent, for rapid and generous compensation, and for God to heal their lives.

Sunday 18th Many statues honour Nelson Mandela. In re-assessing the historical roles of people commemorated by public statues, pray that, on the International Day devoted to Nelson Mandela’s memory, we will not forget his fine example of Christian forgiveness and reconciliation, but seek to follow it personally.

Monday 19th Pray that, like Jesus in His response to Zacchaeus, we Christians may be known for our openness and welcome to everyone, ”to the people we like; the people we don’t. Different colour of skin. Different lifestyle choices...Different faith traditions. Every single person, broken and bad, uncertain and suspect, believing and doubting, all welcomed by our generous Lord.” (Very Rev. D. Derek Browning) Is there someone God is calling us to welcome, today?

Tuesday 20th “A generous prayer is never presented in vain; the petition may be refused, but the petitioner is always, I believe, rewarded by some gracious visitation.” (Robert Louis Stevenson) Ask our loving Lord to open our prayer lives to His generous heart and visit us with His gracious blessing.

Wednesday 21st  “Spiritual care is part of the holistic care of people” (Bill Clark). Thank God for the Department of Spiritual Care and Wellbeing at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital, and pray for God’s blessing on all Hospital and Hospice Chaplains and their vital person-centred work ministering to those in their care. 

Thursday 22nd   “God’s presence has felt most powerful in moments of silence...when I am able to fall to my knees before God and express my grief and anger at the pain we humans bring upon one another...where I receive strength from God to dust myself off and stand again in God’s Spirit with a recommitment to love.” (Carolyn Merry) Pray now in the silence for God’s presence in a situation known to you which deeply pains or angers you, and for God’s Spirit to bring justice and healing.

Friday 23rd  As Love Parks Week starts, praise and thank God for Edinburgh’s beautiful well-kept green spaces.

Saturday 24th On Samaritans Awareness Day and Month, ask God’s blessing on their work for the lonely and desperate, and to help all of us become better listeners, focusing with real patience on hearing what others need to tell us.

Sunday 25th In National Marine Week, pray for wisdom in plans to develop the Port of Leith to be capable of taking the world’s largest offshore wind installation vessels, promising 1,000 long-term jobs and great benefits for renewable energy targets.

Monday 26th On One Voice Day, pray for those in power nationally to commit to making a more peaceful world. Prayerfully consider how we might contribute individually to peace: -Be generous with our smiles? -Teach peace to our children? -Support nonviolent solutions to global problems? -Plant a tree?

Tuesday 27th “When the opportunity is taken away, then we understand the value of being able to see people face-to-face” (Rev Neil Campbell, Chaplain HMP Dumfries). Pray for all who have desperately missed personal fellowship, in prisons or through mutual sharing groups (such as outreach to people with drug and alcohol problems), which were stopped by Covid-19 restrictions, that these vital support services may be fully rebuilt.

Wednesday 28th Pray for God’s rich blessings and for renewed energy for our Minister, Parish Assistant, Session Clerk, and Church Co-ordinator, facing new challenges and opportunities as the church looks to return eventually to full participatory worship and activities.

Thursday 29th International Tiger Day raises awareness of the decline of wild tigers, on the brink of extinction. Pray for breakthroughs and success for World Wildlife Fund and the International Fund for Animal Welfare in their work for Tiger conservation.

Friday 30th On the International Day of Friendship, ask God to arrange for us to meet people He wants us to know, to work in our hearts opening them to others, and to prompt us to contact someone who might need to hear our voice or feel the warmth of a smile.

Saturday 31st   Our countryside and beaches have become littered with rubbish. In Plastic Free month, let us make it our personal concern to pick up trash, and pray for God to be at work raising a groundswell of passionate concern about this.