Monthly Prayer Diary

Sunday 1st  In the middle of Fairtrade Fortnight, we give thanks for our Fairtrade speaker’s words last Sunday during worship. We pray our congregation and hall users will ensure they use Fairtrade products whenever possible. We ask God to touch our consciences to help producers across the world, by ensuring fair working conditions, fair wages and extra funds available for health, education, clean water and sanitation.

Monday 2nd All countries have to take action to prevent racism, religious prejudice, and sexual intolerance, which have recently revealed themselves more visibly and violently in our society. On Zero Discrimination Day, pray for God’s loving acceptance of everyone to be  alive in Scotland. 

Tuesday 3rd  On World Hearing Day, pray for all who are facing hearing loss and deafness, which can isolate sufferers. Ask God for understanding and to prompt us to give “hard-of-hearing” persons we meet plenty of our time, attention, and warm friendship.

Wednesday 4th “Beavers are all about fun and friendship!” Ask God’s blessing on our Beaver Scout colonies –Foxspring and Swanspring—for 6 to 8-year-old boys and girls, meeting on Mondays from 6 to 7pm.  

Thursday 5th Skilled Pharmacists are a vital part of our health service. Pray for God’s blessing on any you know and the ones you meet, in Buckstone, Morningside, or elsewhere.

Friday 6th  Give thanks for Jesus’ words, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.” Today is the World Day of Prayer.  Ask for God’s blessing on the special service at Fairmilehead church at 10.30am, organised by the Guild.

Saturday 7th Reading can take us out of depressing situations into wonderfully creative imaginative worlds. On World Book Day, thank God for our local libraries and reading groups. Pray for opportunities to bring lonely people to share in the joys of reading.

Sunday 8th On International Women's Day, celebrate the courage and determination of ordinary women who have taken extraordinary actions to prevent the violation of women’s rights. Pray for God’s protection for brave, endangered women standing up for the innocent and helpless. Might you attend tomorrow’s meeting, “Forgotten Women”, at 6 pm in Quaker Meeting House?

Monday 9th  On Commonwealth Day, pray for this international alliance to stand up firmly for the Christian principles  embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and for it to hold to account governments whenever they ignore these rights.

Tuesday 10th The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service will be in the Buckstone Hall in the afternoon and evening to allow people to donate blood. Ask God to bless this vital life-saving work and to prompt those of us who are eligible to be generous donors.

Wednesday 11th   The children at Pop-Up Cafe are offered delicious fruits, a sign of careful diet planning. In Nutrition Week, ask God’s blessing to make us thoughtful cooks, parents, relatives and hosts, happily sharing favourite healthy dishes, maybe for others to imitate.

Thursday 12th  About 3 million people in Britain, and 3% of the population of Scotland, have Chronic Kidney Disease. On World Kidney Day, thank God for the pioneering work of Kidney Research UK in Scotland to protect future generations, and pray for more kidneys to become available for life-saving transplants.

Friday 13th  Remember in prayer any divorced and separated parents whom you know. God  deeply loves these suffering families . Pray for children to be able to have plenty of time with beloved parents, and for fathers as well as mothers to be treated justly and enabled to grow strong relationships with their precious daughters and sons.

Saturday 14thSome of Scotland’s freshwater sources are polluted by pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning agents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical waste and microplastic particulates, which are very toxic to wildlife. On the International Day of Action for Rivers, pray for decisive intervention by environmental agencies, local councils and community groups to stop this.

Sunday 15th  Our buying choices have cumulative effects beyond our understanding. On World Consumer Day, pray for God to guide our choices, whether by buying local produce or second hand clothes, supporting organic farming, or by reducing plastic waste and recycling every container.

Monday 16th  95% of children need to be vaccinated to achieve overall “Herd” Immunity from Measles. On National Vaccination Day, pray for parents to accept expert NHS advice and not to withdraw their children because of unfounded fears. Pray for any child you know soon to be vaccinated.

Tuesday 17th  On St. Patrick’s Day, remember the close friendships between the Irish and Scottish peoples. Ask for God’s blessing on someone from Ireland personally known to you.

Wednesday 18th  The Voice Project had a great start at its first meeting, with a good number of young people participating. Pray for the word to spread and more youngsters to catch the enthusiasm and join in.

Thursday 19th The finances of our church require much expert and painstaking work. Pray for God’s blessing on our Treasurer and Finance Committee, asking that they feel truly appreciated.

Friday 20th   On French Language Day, praise God for the richness and variety of languages; pray for individual Scots-French friendships to prosper, whatever the political circumstances.

Saturday 21st  One child in a thousand is born with an extra chromosome, a condition known as  Down’s Syndrome. Worldwide today we remember these unique children of God, often very cheerful and affectionate people, who may have learning disabilities. Thank God for the work of Down’s Syndrome Scotland to ensure that every individual is given the right kind of support she/he needs to develop their full potential.

Sunday 22nd  “Even if a mother should forget her child.. I will not forget you”(Isaiah 49.15). On Mothering Sunday, give praise to our wonderful God who has so much mother’s and father’s love for us all and longs to welcome us warmly into the worldwide church family. Offer someone a Mothering Sunday hug from God!

Monday 23rd Possibly 700,000 people in Scotland have major debt problems-- nearly all suffering from welfare cuts, ill-health, or insecure work. In Debt Awareness week, ask God to work through those who listen attentively and give practical advice and help to those in debt, such as Christians Against Poverty.

Tuesday 24th  World Tuberculosis Day makes us aware that tuberculosis remains a worldwide epidemic, causing annual deaths of nearly 1.5 million people. Pray for God’s blessing on the work of TB Alert and their outreach to homeless people, supporting them throughout treatment.

Wednesday 25th Today is the International Day of Solidarity with the Detained and Missing. We are largely unaware of those forcibly “disappeared” in countries whose governments do not respect human rights, like Eritrea, China, Mexico, and the Philippines. Pray for God to find and free those missing and to comfort desperate families who do not know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or how to free them.

Thursday 26th Pray for Crossreach’s Project, The Rankeillor Initiative in Edinburgh, which provides temporary accommodation in shared flats, including emotional and practical support, for people with complex needs. Ask God for each client to feel safe and at peace. Pray for God to strengthen the staff and show His love and compassion in all they do.

Friday 27th  Pray for our Minister in the very busy weeks leading up to Easter, for inspiration, spiritual energy and for strength and peace at this very demanding time.

Saturday 28th Ask God’s blessing on Earth Hour (8.30-9.30 pm today), when people who want to protect our planet celebrate our natural world and call on us to respect, protect and restore it. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prompt us to take an active part in this.

Sunday 29th  Pray for all Christians required to work on Sundays who have difficulty attending church. Ask God for employers to make Sunday work voluntary, or find ways to adjust employees’ hours to allow them to attend worship.

Monday 30th Today across the world we focus on Bipolar disorder, which can cause mood swings from extreme highs to an extreme lows and deep depression. Pray God’s blessing on Bipolar Scotland’s crisis contact systems and self-help groups, giving vital information and support to patients and those wishing to help a suffering loved one.

Tuesday 31st Pray that we may share God’s love for children! On Family Safety day, remember how vulnerable children are to road accidents! Thank God for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ pedestrian training programme in schools, and pray for more volunteers to help with road safety.


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