Monthly Prayer Diary

A printable version of this month's Prayer Diary is available here

Saturday 1st On World Day of Peace, pray for our country to develop a culture of understanding and tolerance towards every individual. Let us listen to Christ’s compassionate heart, calling us to create a society with truly good values which does not disregard others in the pursuit of personal gain.

Sunday 2nd Pray for all who attended Fairmilehead Church over Christmas, especially children, asking that they may feel welcomed and blessed and drawn to come again to our services and activities.

Monday 3rd “Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.”(Shakespeare) At the Festival of Sleep, pray for anyone suffering from insomnia. Pray God’s gift of peace over them, that His love may penetrate and disarm all stress, and commit them to His serene care.

Tuesday 4th Today is World Braille Day. Pray for God’s comfort for all who are losing their sight or are blind, making us sensitive to their needs.

Wednesday 5th Tomorrow is World Day of War Orphans: pray for children in countries torn apart by violence, like Yemen, where orphaned children are unprotected. Bless children’s charities trying to rescue them.

Thursday 6th At Epiphany, we remember the wise astrologers who trusted in faith on an unknown journey that they would find the royal child. Pray God give us faith to confidently entrust all our problems to Him, as we journey through this unknown year.

Friday 7th Pray God’s blessing on Armenians who celebrated “Old Christmas” yesterday, and on the Russian Orthodox Church which celebrates Christmas today. In Ireland, “Nollaig na mBan” (Woman's Christmas) was traditionally celebrated at this time, when women were allowed to relax while men made dinner and did all the household chores. Pray that Christian men will pick up their fair share of homemaking in 2022.

Saturday 8th This month is named “Dry January” to alert us to the huge problems caused by alcoholism. Ask God to bless the work of Alcoholics Anonymous, and for God’s Holy Spirit to be active, miraculously healing addictions.

Sunday 9th Ask our loving Father to guide the leadership of the Church of Scotland with deep wisdom as they make key decisions about the financial viability of churches, and the long-term spiritual welfare of all. Pray for the Presbytery of Edinburgh and Fairmilehead representatives as they meet to begin difficult discussions on the impact of the Edinburgh Presbytery Plan Consultation Document 2022-2025. 

Monday 10th “Justice is what love looks like in public, just as tenderness is what love feels like in private” (Cornel West).”We need both love and justice” (Moderator, Lord Wallace) Pray for our leaders, all our churches in Scotland to speak out unashamedly for loving justice in public policy and to demonstrate in action compassionate concern for the poor and hurting.

Tuesday 11th On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, pray for every move to stop the exploitation of victims (e.g. smuggled women trapped in the sex industry) and ask God’s blessing on all who (like the Salvation Army) are reaching out to rescue them..

Wednesday 12th Thank God for all lawyers who do “pro bono” work, without charging fees; pray God may find legal help for all those in urgent need.

Thursday 13th Thank God for the wonderful work of our previous church centre co-ordinator; pray for the Personnel Committee as they review applications and interview candidates for the post, and pray for God to help us find exactly the right person.

Friday 14th About 3.5 million low-waged garment workers in countries like Vietnam lost their jobs because of Covid-19; they are estimated to be owed $11 billion in unpaid wages, and were refused $500 million in legally-owed severance pay. Pray for justice for these workers and for the clothing industry in UK/USA to insist on fair pay and back-dated wages.

Saturday 15th This coming week we celebrate St. Peter’s Confession of Jesus’ Messianic role, and Jesus’ affirmation of him: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.“(Matthew 16. 18). Pray for all our churches that God will inspire them to be the unshakable foundations of society’s values, and build in us a rock-like faith and trust in His good purposes and His ultimate triumph.

Sunday 16th There is a Baptism planned for today; let us pray for all involved in Baptisms at our church, parents, Godparents and grandparents, that children and whole families will be blessed. Pray also for mothers expecting new babies in our parish, that God’s loving hand will be on them and the unique new persons expected.

Monday 17th “If the notion is nourished of God up there in the sky looking down on us from above, we miss....the reassurance of God with us –Emmanuel.”(Moderator Lord Wallace). In Cervical Cancer Week, pray for an understanding that God is there, suffering with each cancer patient, at work through the healing hands of Doctors and Nurses, as he is through our prayers. Pray for anyone you know who has been or is suffering from cancer.

Tuesday 18th Today sees the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; Jesus prayed that all Christians may be One. Ask Him to open the hearts of Christians of all denominations and inspire us to reach out together to the needy. Pray God’s blessing on the annual service of unity on Monday 24th January 2022 at City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, Nicholson Square.

Wednesday 19th On Afghan Independence Day, pray for protection for everyone in serious danger there. Remember Afghan refugees in Britain still in hotels or unsuitable accommodation more than 4 months after arrival, far from friends and relatives about whose safety they are so anxious; pray that they be speedily found good homes and helped to settle permanently.

Thursday 20th On World Religion Day, remember that God loves people of all faiths. Pray for Bahais, Ahmedia Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses across the world, many of whom suffer severe persecution, violence and imprisonment for their right to hold to their own unique faith.

Friday 21st “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice. Peace costs, and true peace challenges the status quo.”--Martin Luther King—whom we remember today. Pray for God to inspire us to speak out against all forms of injustice and prejudice, that our Scotland may truly reflect King’s Christian dream of justice and freedom.

Saturday 22nd In Big Energy Saving Week, pray for us to find ways to reduce our church’s  usage of and expenditure on gas and electricity; remember our Treasurer and all who help with Finance and Property, reviewing our commitments, and taking decisions for the future.

Sunday 23rd Today’s start of the Chinese New Year will be marked with widespread celebrations. But we need to ask God for the truth to be recognised about hundreds of thousands of innocent Uyghurs (mostly Muslims) in Xinjiang province, held in prison camps (officially for “vocational education”),praying for their release.

Monday 24th On the International Day of Education, pray for Buckstone Primary school, for the long-term wellbeing of staff after the strains of the last 21 months, and for each child to be both inspired and feel precious and cared for.

Tuesday 25thThe heart that is generous and kind most resembles God”(Robert Burns).On Burns Night, pray that true generosity and kindness will be the qualities people notice in their Christian friends, and the first thing they notice in contacts with their local church.

Wednesday 26th “Because God loves us from Eternity to Eternity, he cannot allow (us) be lost in final destruction...This wonderful knowledge that nothing we live in our bodies is lived in vain holds a call for us to live every moment as a seed of Eternity.” (Henri Nouwen). Pray to our loving Father to help us become truly aware of our promised place in Eternity and to live each day of our lives fruitfully, planting seeds for a Heavenly future.

Thursday 27th Today we remember the appalling Holocaust extermination of Jews: Pray for all who experience racial prejudice, for victims of massacres and genocide in Armenia, Bosnia and Rwanda, and for those who lost precious relatives in these. Ask for our Father’s loving spirit to bring forgiveness and reconciliation in such places.

Friday 28th Thank God for the wonderful contribution to church life of our Parish Assistant at a most demanding time, and ask the Lord to strengthen and inspire her throughout this year.

Saturday 29th “Perhaps these days we can be too quick to retreat into political tribes, and focus on areas of conflict rather than agreement...political leaders have a responsibility to resist the momentum for division and polarisation.”(Nicola Sturgeon) On Freethinkers Day, pray for each member of the Scottish and British parliaments to think independently, work co-operatively, and to seek agreement, for the benefit of all.

Sunday 30th A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” (Mahatma Ghandi) Today, when we remember Ghandi, pray for world leaders (including British)to listen to his words; ask that they be inspired to take courageous and compassionate decisions for those in desperate poverty.

Monday 31st “Don’t live out of past memories. Honour them by all means, but live in the joy of this moment in time” (Very Rev.Albert Bogle) Let us ask ourselves how we speak about the past and present to our family, children, and grandchildren. Do we speak to them of a world in which God is and has been active, lovingly guiding us? Pray for God to illumine our talk, that we see our lives with the eyes of beloved children of God.