Monthly Prayer Diary for September 2019

Sunday 1st  Each Sunday this month our services will focus on Creation. So in prayer we ask you God to guide us and bless us, so we may care more for the world you made for us.

Monday 2nd Organ Donation Week starts today. Are you registered as an organ donor? Do you carry a card? If you died, could your organs help save the lives of others? Ask God to guide your decisions and actions with regard to this.

Tuesday 3rd Today is Every Woman Day! All women are special and precious in God’s sight! Thank him for every woman from Eve to Mary, mother of Jesus, and for each girl child born since, and pray that female children will be valued as much as males.

Wednesday 4th Our prayers are welcome for the new Autumn programme of the Guild and its care for members for whom this is a rare outing from home or a precious chance to meet other people.

Thursday 5th Seedlings re-starts today: pray for all the precious children who attend, as well as their parents and relatives, to meet the love of Jesus and feel welcomed into our church and fellowship.

Friday 6th  Thank God for the joy of reading! On National Read-a-Book Day, pray for God’s blessing on the work of parents and everyone in our schools and libraries who help children and adults to find a personal love of reading; pray for their imaginations to be inspired!

Saturday 7th Pray for each of us to have a renewed sense of urgency to play an active part in recycling. Too much waste food goes into landfill, where it generates the hugely damaging greenhouse gas, methane. Pray for everyone to use the local food recycling scheme which turns waste food into re-usable energy.

Sunday 8th Today at church is Dinosaur Sunday! Praise God for the way he has been at work through the amazing but incredibly slow process of evolution; and thank him for the stunning variety of life, both minuscule and immense, much of it still being discovered!

Monday 9th  Today is the start of the new Fairmilehead church Bible Study series, “Bad Girls of the Bible”: pray for God’s blessing and spiritual inspiration for all who attend.

Tuesday 10th Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. If we know someone who is depressed, pray for him or her right now, and ask God to guide us as to how to help. Pray for success for efforts to ban suicide-encouraging destructive materials from the internet and social media.

Wednesday 11th   During UK Blood Pressure Week, pray for anyone you know who has heart problems. Ask God to uphold our NHS staff, paramedics, nurses, doctors, consultants and surgeons, as they cope with hugely increased workloads, pressure to meet targets, and worries about no-win-no-fee litigation.

Thursday 12th   Stillness –a time of meditation and prayer with evocative music – happens at our church this afternoon and each Thursday. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be eloquent in the hearts and minds of all those present, and for newcomers to find peace here.

Friday 13th  Everyone is concerned at the increase in knife crime in Britain. We bring this before you, Lord, asking for your blessing on every action to reduce and end such violence. We pray for full government support for increased resources and personnel for the police.

Saturday 14th Tomorrow Hazel McIver will speak to Fairmilehead Church about Tear Fund’s Rubbish Campaign. Our world has a problem with plastic waste which is hitting poor people hardest. Pray that multinational companies will take full responsibility to remedy the vast body of plastic waste they are creating.

Sunday 15th  How much do we value our democratic representatives? On the International Day of Democracy, and in the context of the horrific threats so many MPs receive, ask God to protect all members of the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments and our Edinburgh Councillors, and pray that we may recognise the ideals and affirm the commitment and hard work of so many.

Monday 16th The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer reminds us of the inter-connectedness of God’s world, whose balance we disturb at our peril. Thank God that international action has restored much of the Antarctic ozone layer. Pray for a complete end to use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases everywhere.

Tuesday 17th How can we show our gratitude for many blessings? Is God speaking to you quietly, insistently, about helping our community and church? Young Church, Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides all need helpers and leaders. Pray for guidance, and, if it is right for you, talk to those in charge.

Wednesday 18th  Next Saturday is World Alzheimer's Day: Music can restore lost memories for those living with Alzheimer’s. Praise God for the Singing Group which meets at our church every other Wednesday-- such a joyful experience for those living with dementia. Ask God to be present there, filling the afternoon with His warm love.

Thursday 19th  Our church garden is always in need of attention. Do you have a love of gardening and maybe green fingers? Is God encouraging you to offer your help? If so, mention it in your prayers and to anyone on the staff at church.

Friday 20th   Considerable effort is going into clearing Scotland’s beaches of plastic and litter. On the Great British Beach Clean-up Day, pray for all who use our beaches to become active participants. Ask God to speak to us through our Pathfinders as they lead this Sunday’s service on “Saving the Planet God Made for Us”.

Saturday 21st  On the UN International Day for Peace, let us pray St. Francis’ beautiful prayer, “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, for ourselves, asking God to use us as befrienders and encouragers of the broken-hearted and those imprisoned in bitterness.

Sunday 22nd  On World Car Free Day, ask God to guide us all about our personal use of cars. Pray for awareness of when and where we could walk, cycle, or take the bus, and whether there are people with whom we can share a car journey, or someone in need to whom we can offer a lift .

Monday 23rd Remember in prayer all who are profoundly Deaf. On the International Day of Sign Languages, praise God for the way in which this graceful and fluent means of communication has become a beautiful part of our national culture, helping to make deaf people feel included and welcomed.  

Tuesday 24th  Fairmilehead Church’s Kirk Session meets this evening. Pray for members to listen prayerfully, to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and for God’s purposes for our church to be fulfilled in the decisions taken.


Wednesday 25th On Social Justice Day, ask for God’s blessing on our new Social and International Justice Committee, and for its members to be equipped with both experience and spiritual insight. But pray for God to lay a burden for Justice on each of our hearts!

Thursday 26th Short-sighted and evil-intentioned leaders of major powers are abandoning commitments to nuclear weapons reduction and intermediate missile arms-limitation treaties.  On the International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, pray for God, in His wisdom, to overrule these irresponsible and dangerous decisions.

Friday 27th In a world with greater access to information than ever before, journalists and authors are being imprisoned and tortured for revealing truths governments do not want us to know. On the UN Day for Universal Access to Information, pray for God to inspire us to stand up for the truth on behalf of persecuted writers and human rights defenders.

Saturday 28th In Britain, we are spared the horrific effects of Rabies; yet worldwide 100 children die from it daily. On World Rabies Day, pray for God to bless the work of Mission Rabies; thank God that 92,000 dogs were vaccinated In India in 2017, and for the work in Uganda to meet the 70% vaccination coverage needed to achieve rabies immunity in the dog population.

Sunday 29th The start of the Jewish New Year reminds us how our God guided his Chosen People to be thankful for His generosity at Harvest time, and to give tithes of their best crops. Ask God’s guidance in reviewing our financial giving to His charitable work, and pray for His amazing generosity to fill and change our hearts.

Monday 30th Our Harvest thanksgiving day is also the start of the Jewish New Year, which reminds us how our God, guided His chosen people to be thankful for His generosity at Harvest time. We pray God’s blessing on all those who are recipients of our food donations in church today for the Foodbank, and we pray for an end to food poverty.