Monthly Prayer Diary

Wednesday 1st  Today is the first day of our new year. We pray everyone in our parish has a good year ahead. Today is also the World Day of Peace, as well as Global Family Day, so we pray too for all those who work for peace.

Thursday 2nd This month is named “Dry January” to alert us to the huge problems caused by alcoholism. Ask God to bless those who work for Alcoholics Anonymous. Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to be at work, miraculously healing addictions.

Friday 3rd   So many now find sleep elusive; to be sole-waker in the long night hours can be the loneliest of places. Today, we pray for anyone we know who suffers from insomnia to receive God’s inner healing and His amazing peace.

Saturday 4th We pray for the work of the Personnel Committee in our church as they begin the process of recruiting a Parish Assistant to support the ministry here in Fairmilehead Parish Church.

Sunday 5th At Epiphany, we remember the wise astrologers who trusted in faith that they would find the royal child. We pray God gives us faith in his providence, as we journey through this year, that we can entrust all our problems to Him with complete confidence.

Monday 6th Today we pray for all those who work in Christ’s name for our church.  We pray especially for our elders and our Pastoral Care Team.

Tuesday 7th Today, the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas. Ask God’s blessing and the spirit of Joy for every believer in the Russian, Greek, Egyptian, Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox churches.

Wednesday 8th Today we pray for all new mothers and lift in prayer especially all babies born prematurely in Scotland. We continue to pray for all our children baptised recently in our church and also for all our little Seedlings children.

Thursday 9th Today we pray for our local schools. We pray for the teachers and pupils as they begin a new term. May this year be full of learning and joy for them all.

Friday 10th Today we pray for our office staff that this year ahead is one in which they continue to be a blessing to our hall users.

Saturday 11th  Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The home province from which the Vietnamese container lorry victims came had suffered an oil spill which ruined all fishing, and families were desperate for a source of income. Ask God to intervene to help good people to break up trafficking networks, as well as to prevent widespread pollution.

Sunday 12th Today we gather to worship together at 10.30am. We pray for all those who are housebound and unable to attend our service this morning. 

Monday 13th Noise pollution from traffic, building machinery, emergency vehicle sirens, and hovering helicopters is a negative aspect of city life. Pray for councils to prioritise sound insulation and double glazing and police to enforce vehicle noise limits. Ask God to show us how we can be more considerate neighbours.

Tuesday 14th Pray for God’s special blessing on the Sisters of Mercy at St. Catharine’s, and the wonderful work they do helping the homeless, providing meals, clothing, sleeping bags, group help for alcoholics and drug users, and thank the Lord for the sisters’ genuine concern for every single person.

Wednesday 15th   We pray for our Crossroads Pop Up Cafe and all those who attend. We pray too for all those who offer their time to ensure it opens every Wednesday during term time.

Thursday 16th Today at 2pm a small service of stillness takes place in our church hall. We pray for all those who attend and all those in Fairmilehead who struggle to find inner peace, all those who are worried, anxious, and uncertain what to do about urgent problems in their lives, that God’s loving presence may be with them, and for them to feel His amazing peace.

Friday 17th Thank God for the wonderful work of Street Pastors in caring for everyone in need at night in the central areas of Edinburgh, whatever the problems - maybe alcohol, transport, or lack of suitable clothing - and give thanks for good relationships with all the Emergency services; ask for God’s continued blessing on all who participate in this work.

Saturday 18th Tonight our social committee has organised a Burns Supper. We pray their evening is an enjoyable one and all those attending feel the warmth and welcome of our church fellowship.

Sunday 19th The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins this weekend. Jesus prayed that all of us Christians may be One. Ask Him to open our hearts to Christians of all denominations and to inspire us to join them in reaching out to the needy.

Monday 20th  On World Religion Day, remember that God loves people of all faiths. Pray for Bahais across the world, many of whom suffer huge persecution for their all-inclusive faith.

Tuesday 21st Martin Luther King remains an inspiration to everyone for his courageous stand for racial justice and his Christian vision. Ask God to inspire our consciences powerfully to speak up for justice and to hold onto our God-given vision for the future.

Wednesday 22nd  Many more people have financial problems with insurmountable debt than we are aware. Pray for all of them to find help soon and ask God’s blessing on the work of Christians Against Poverty’s debt-counselling service.

Thursday 23rd Legal Aid cuts have left many desperate for legal help. Thank God for lawyers doing “pro bono” work who give their services free. Pray for God to find legal help for all those in need.

Friday 24th This has been Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Pray for God’s blessing on all initiatives for early screening and diagnosis of this disease. Ask for God’s healing for all those living with cancer in The Western General Hospital, Royal Infirmary and Marie Curie Hospice, for the blessing of expert treatment and truly loving care.

Saturday 25th Today we pray for all the children who received our gifts for Women’s Aid at Christmas.  We pray this year brings more stability to their lives.

Sunday 26th Jesus had a personal concern for Lepers. An estimated 3 million people suffer from this disease; 600 new cases will be diagnosed each day; yet it is entirely preventable. Today is World Leprosy Eradication Day. Pray God to bless the transformational work of the Christian faith-based Leprosy Mission, their new Global Strategy, and the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy. 

Monday 27th On the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, pray for action to prevent all anti-Semitism.

Tuesday 28th Pray for members of the Property Committee, with many difficult issues for our church buildings under consideration requiring speedy solutions, and for wisdom concerning long term problems.

Wednesday 29th Today we pray for all those who offer hospitality in our church.  We pray especially for our teams who organise teas and coffees on a Sunday, and our uniformed organisations who have been helping. 

Thursday 30th Today the world remembers Mahatma Ghandi, murdered in 1948. Thank God for his wonderful advocacy for peace and non-violent campaigning. On Martyrs Day, praise God for Children of God, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who have given their lives for truth and justice. Ask our Father to inspire us to stand up courageously for our faith.

Friday 31st Yesterday was Young Carers Awareness Day. Ask God to hold up in his loving arms all carers especially young carers so they do not lose all hope. Pray for God’s love to reach their hearts and to help them in practical ways. Ask a blessing on the Young Scot “Young Carers” package.