Monthly Prayer Diary

Wednesday 1st On International Labour Day, pray for rapid improvement in safety standards in poor countries such as Bangladesh to prevent huge loss of life in disasters at unsafe places of work.

Thursday 2nd Remember all victims of internet “scams”, and pray also for those who are worried lest they have been “caught” in some way that they don't understand.
Friday 3rd   On World Press Freedom Day, pray for journalists in our country to be able to express opinions reasonably, without fear of threats and violence, and pray for all who are in prison in countries like Turkey, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, and China for telling the truth or expressing opinions of which the government disapproves.
Saturday 4th  Please  continue to pray for people to come forward  to help the Property Committee of our church, to look after the church and hall buildings so as to support our worship and our community. Ask God to put it into people’s hearts to volunteer to manage minor repairs and keep records.

Sunday 5th Please remember in prayer elderly people who have large gardens and cannot cope, finding some tasks beyond them, and don't know what to do about it.
Monday 6th Ramadan starts today. Praise God for the warmth of fellowship between Muslims and people of other faiths after the mosque massacres in New Zealand. Thank him for strong leadership from the Prime Minister there; and ask him to bless the work of the Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association, bringing Muslims, Christians and other faiths together in friendship.

Tuesday 7th Pray for all the children (and Mums/ Dads/ grandparents) who come along to Tumble Tots and Nursery School in Fairmilehead church hall. We pray they are aware of our care for our hall users and desire to get to know them more so they too feel part of our church-based community.

Wednesday 8th  Red Cross Day reminds us of the foundation in Geneva in 1863 of this wonderful life-saving movement which won the Nobel Peace Prize 3 times. Thank God for its 17 million volunteers, for its quiet presence and neutrality, evacuating wounded, visiting prisoners, and speaking on behalf of voiceless victims.
Thursday 9th Today is Europe Day. We are all Europeans. Let us give thanks for the thousands of years of Christian culture and traditions, and for the amazing music and wonderful art which our faith sponsored and made possible and we now enjoy.

Friday 10th Our Fairmilehead church is a vital haven for many people who are less able, both mentally and physically. Ask God to make us always aware of their needs and welcoming to them as God’s beloved children, and give thanks for those who unfailingly organize transport and care for them.

Saturday 11th  This month please pray for students preparing for important exams both at school and at universities in Edinburgh, remembering by name any known to you, asking that they may be given peace of heart and mind.

Sunday 12th Give thanks for all who work in our National Health Service, and, on this International Nurses Day, pray especially for all nurses from around the world who care for us in Britain to know how much they valued, and for visas to be easily available for all nurses who wish to work here.
Monday 13th  This is Christian Aid Week; pray for the work of Christian Aid’s partners on the ground worldwide. Lift in prayer all who are working in most challenging circumstances, including those in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, helping victims of the disastrous storm and floods.

Tuesday 14th Many people suffer deeply as husbands and wives and partners separate. Pray for any you know going through this, for God’s love to enter the hearts of all involved, to stop bitterness and hatred taking over, and for everyone to prioritise the wellbeing of any children.
Wednesday 15th   On the International Day of the Family, pray that our church and all churches may be places of warm welcome for families, and for every family to know how much God loves them and how passionately our God cares about and values family life.
Thursday 16th On Living Together in Peace Day, pray for peacemakers in the Middle East (including Israel and Palestine). Next Tuesday, World Mission Council will ask us to pray specifically for the Church of Scotland’s presence there, and to thank God for the faithfulness of the Christian community in steadfastly seeking to follow Jesus, creatively resisting oppression and injustice.
Friday 17th We pray for all those involved in the work of the General Assembly. The GA is a significant annual event in the Church of Scotland calendar. Throughout the week, commissioners to the GA examine its work and laws and make decisions that affect the future of the Church. The Assembly does not shy away from discussing the big political topics of the day. In recent years the Assembly has received national and international attention for debating Brexit, same-sex relationships, the war in Syria, and fossil fuel divestment.

Saturday 18th Praise God for the young people who are part of the Pathfinders group at Fairmilehead church, and pray for rich blessings on all their activities and inspiration and sustained energy for their leaders.
Sunday 19th   Let us rejoice in our faith, in tune with the Church of Scotland Heart and Soul Celebrations in Princes Street Gardens today.

Monday 20th  Major victims of factory farming and pollution are our insects: on World Bee Day, pray for an end to the use of all dangerous insecticides responsible for deaths of huge numbers of bees,  and for the widespread use of bee-friendly and organic farming methods.
Tuesday 21st  On the day when the World Mission Council presents two reports to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, give thanks for our worldwide Christian family and for opportunities to make strong relationships and learn from each other, while sharing the joy and comfort of Christ with each other.
Wednesday 22nd The International Day for Biological Diversity reminds us of the amazing world God gave us with its huge variety of wonderful creatures, trees and plants. Pray for initiatives to preserve all endangered species and ask God to help us beware of taking any actions which harm this precious inter-dependent network.
Thursday 23rd  Many banks have closed recently in Scotland. Where branches are threatened with closure, pray for management to look closely not just at profitability, but at the needs of local communities, small businesses, and the elderly, and to provide sufficient services and flexibility to meet these needs.
Friday 24th On Eritrea’s Independence Day, remember the one thousand Prisoners of Conscience and hundreds of Christians in prison for their faith in that country. Pray for God’s love to reach all those suffering in terrible conditions, and for young men and women trapped in National Military Service which has no end. 

Saturday 25th  As Dementia Action Week comes to an end we pray people have been encouraged to take action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, working to create a dementia-friendly UK where those with dementia do not feel excluded. There are 850,000 people in the UK who are affected by dementia, 40,000 of those are under the age of 65. ,

Sunday 26th  With a strong message of Christian faith, Songs of Praise came from Jerusalem at Easter. Jesus wept over Jerusalem and what would befall it. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for God to speak powerfully his message of love to all its peoples and faiths.
Monday 27th As planning continues for new house groups to meet and share time together reading and discussing the Bible, we pray for our ‘Join the Journey’ group which meets fortnightly and our new groups beginning.

Tuesday 28th We pray for our Kirk Session which meets tonight. Kirk sessions work hard to look after the congregation and the parish and often go beyond the call of duty. We thank God for all they do, and pray for them in their work.

Wednesday 29th Today is UN Peacekeepers Day: they often have a “bad press”; but, without them, many frozen conflicts would re-ignite in violence. Pray for God to use them effectively for His Purposes of Peace, and for those who have committed crimes to be brought to justice.
Thursday 30th “Thy Kingdom Come”, a prayer movement in 114 countries, asks us, on each of the 11 days from Ascension Day (today) to Pentecost, to bring 5 people we know before God and pray regularly for Him reveal himself to them, so that they encounter the Holy Spirit and the life-transforming Love of Jesus.
Friday 31st  On the day named “No Tobacco Day”, thank God for the drop in the numbers of young people who now smoke, and pray for the success of health campaigns which reveal the true dangers of smoking and help addicted smokers to break free.