Monthly Prayer Diary

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Tuesday 1st We give thanks for the work of Brian Auld at the Church of Scotland and his guidance to keep us all safe, as we work towards reopening our church. 

Wednesday 2nd Pray for blessings on Val’s midweek coffee gatherings on Wednesdays this month, for the friendship and fellowship it fosters.

Thursday 3rd  In Organ Donation Week, thank God for the sacrificial love of donors who are prepared to give one of their own kidneys to save another’s life. Pray for legally responsible moves to make permission to use a dead person’s organs more widespread and easy.

Friday 4th  As the Furlough scheme winds down and businesses contribute to employees’ wages, many people’s jobs are in danger. Pray for God’s love to reach anyone we know in danger of unemployment, and for strong government action to help retain many of these threatened jobs.

Saturday 5th Without successful vaccines, we cannot find our way out of the fear-dominated world of Covid-19. Pray for God’s blessing on the rapid development work and widespread testing of antidotes and preventative medicines.

Sunday 6th On National Read a Book Day, pray for God’s blessing on our new monthly Monday evening Book Club. Pray for this to spark our interest and imagination.

Monday 7th Migraine Awareness Week brings to our attention people who suffer from debilitating headaches and sickness. Pray for them to receive maximum medical help and God’s lasting healing.

Tuesday 8th One author nominated for the Booker Prize revealed that his parents are illiterate, and how proud he felt on their behalf. On International Literacy Day, pray for enthusiasm for everyone involved in helping children and adults to learn these vital skills, and for God’s blessing on children who are helping their parents and grandparents to learn to read.

Wednesday 9th This is a Blood Pressure Awareness week UK. Pray for the success of this campaign and for information and support to reach all those who need to take action.

Thursday 10th Medical experts are greatly concerned about a build-up of mental illness after lockdown. On World Suicide Prevention Day, pray for expert help to reach everyone in danger, and bring before our loving Lord anyone personally known to us who is often deeply depressed.

Friday 11th In Zero Waste Week, ask God’s help to improve our recycling and re-use of much we easily throw away into landfill, including food, clothes, packaging, and glass.

Saturday 12th  On World First Aid Day, pray God to bless those who teach these skills with more opportunities to do so in schools and offices.

Sunday 13th  On National Grandparents Day, thank God for the joys of close families and wonderful loving relationships between generations, but also pray God’s blessing on those without such links.

Monday 14th  Many mothers and parents know the experience of a baby dying at birth or within a few days. Pray for God’s deep healing to work in the heart of every bereaved mother and parent (however recent or long ago the death), and for warm loving support from Christians and church fellowships to uphold them.

Tuesday 15th On the International Day of Democracy, thank God for leaders to have the courage to admit mistakes and change policy when truth and justice demand it, and pray that such honesty should not be scorned. 

Wednesday 16th Some (mostly young) people find themselves in trouble late in the evening in central parts of our city. Edinburgh Street Pastors are there with a smile and very practical Christian love to help them to keep safe and warm, and to get home securely. Pray for God’s blessing on this work. If God is calling you, pray about volunteering to be part of the street teams or the prayer group supporting them spiritually.

Thursday 17th “A Christian is someone who shares the suffering of God in the world” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). After the huge explosion in the Lebanese capital, pray for God’s healing for the people of Beirut, hundreds of whom have lost loved ones, and hundreds of thousands are homeless. God is in their midst. Pray for nations of the world to come to the rescue to rebuild their city and their lives.

Friday 18th This is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Of 1,400 British children diagnosed with cancer every year, thank God that most recover. Pray for our loving Father’s blessing on Cancer Care for Kids, which helps children understand cancer and provides free support for parents and affected children, and on the specialist palliative care at Children’s Hospices Across Scotland.

Saturday 19th From Sunset yesterday to nightfall on Sunday is “Rosh Hashanah”, the Jewish New Year, which, in our Saviour’s faith, is the birthday of the universe, anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve. Give thanks to God for the spiritual wisdom and inspiration we find in the Old Testament, shared with our Jewish sisters and brothers.

Sunday 20th   Today is National Back-to- Church Sunday!  Even when we can only meet and worship on-line, give thanks for the ways that our church continues to share hope and healing in our community, and for a joyful future when we finally worship together again in our church.

Monday 21st    On World Gratitude Day, in the International Week of the Deaf, thank God for the immense achievements of deaf people, such as Beethoven. Pray for understanding of the difficulties for deaf people caused by the enforced wearing of face coverings which make lip-reading impossible, and for hearing people to be especially helpful to the deaf.

Tuesday 22nd Yesterday was Zero Emissions Day, and today is World Car-Free-Day, in Bike-to-School Week. Pray for us and our families to see how we can personally travel more healthily and reduce dangerous emissions and climate change gases resulting from our lifestyle choices.

Wednesday 23rd “A civilization of love is not sentimentality; it is justice and truth” (Archbishop Oscar Romero). Pray for Christians (often servants) in Saudi Arabia who are likely to be arrested for worshipping in the house where they live. On that country’s National Day, pray for God’s help for all in detention there, facing unfair trials, and in danger of torture as well as execution. Pray for true justice for all Saudi’s people, and for its rulers to be held to account for their actions.

Thursday 24th On World Maritime Day, pray for the Sailors’ Society. This Christian charity works in 91 ports (including Leith). Ask God to bless its chaplains and ship-visitors as they help seafarers of all faiths and none with loving kindness, a listening ear, and vital practical support, including helping to contact their families

Friday 25th “All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny” (Martin Luther King). On Social Justice Day, pray that we may not leave issues of justice to someone else to solve. We give thanks for the work of our own Social and International Justice Committee, and ask our loving Father to lay on each of our hearts an issue which we cannot ignore, and to show us how to take some action to help, maybe campaigning, or funding a cause, or helping an individual.

Saturday 26th On the International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, when we remember the dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with their hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties, pray for world leaders to agree to strict controls on such weapons.

Sunday 27th  On World Rivers Day and World Tourism Day, thank God for Scotland’s beauty, praying that many visitors may enjoy the wonderful scenery whilst protecting local communities from infection and our environment from the irresponsible litter and damage.

Monday 28th “Prayer is like a secret garden of silence, rest and inwardness, but there are a thousand and one doors into this garden, and we all have to find our own.” (Jean Vanier). Let us each ask our loving Lord to guide us to find our own entrance into His presence, so that his healing Spirit may “find rest in the secret part of our heart”, without which our hearts may not be truly open to others. 

Tuesday 29th We live in disturbing times: the “safe” past seems unreachable; the present feels frail and fragile; and the future seems full of fear. Ask our Father to increase our faith and trust, and thank Him for Jesus’ promises, “ I am with you unto the end of the world” 

Wednesday 30th How well we listen to and understand each other is becoming ever more important. On International Translation Day, thank God for gifted translators’ vital work translating the bible into every language to bring the gospel to peoples who have never heard it. Ask God’s blessing on all interpreters helping refugees in difficult legal processes.