Monthly Prayer Diary

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Wednesday 1st Pray for our church as we work through the practicalities of being able to open for individual prayer. Remember before God those involved in our Covid Task Group, aware of all the work needed to complete our risk assessments before we can open, if we can open at all. 

Thursday 2nd Pray for patience within our congregations and for understanding about things which are not possible yet, with the restrictions of social distancing. We miss meeting in our sanctuary but give thanks for our church, which is the people not the building.

Friday 3rd This is Bereaved Parents Awareness month: we are conscious of parents who have lost beloved sons and daughters and babies recently; hold them up, putting them in God’s loving hands. But remember in prayer also bereaved children who have lost precious mothers and fathers to the deadly virus.

Saturday 4th Ask for God’s blessing on Edinburgh Presbytery as it guides and supports our churches in exploring how they may reopen, and for our church leaders who have guided us through this pandemic. Remember in prayer the work of our Presbytery Clerk, Rev Marjory MacPherson and also that of Dave Kendal our Chief Officer. 

Sunday 5th Pray for Val as she begins her new role. Ask God’s blessing on new mission and worship opportunities which are beginning as our new Parish Assistant starts her work.

Monday 6th  On Children’s Art Day, praise God for the way children’s rainbow pictures in windows have reminded us to be thankful for the wonderful work of our medical staff and key workers in this harsh time of Covid-19.

​Tuesday 7th We all know of someone whom we blame for some wrong action or hurtful words, which we find it hard to forget. On Global Forgiveness Day, let us confess our negative attitudes and invite God into our hearts to start the difficult process of forgiving and ending any bitterness that may have built up in us.

Wednesday 8th Pray for churches across Scotland which will not be able to open for individual prayer, especially those which have a tradition of opening for prayer during the week, where this loss will be most keenly felt.

Thursday 9th The Faith Impact Forum of the Church of Scotland has had a long and loving relationship with Christians in South Sudan. On that country’s Independence Day, pray that the peace agreement may hold, all fighting stop, refugees and internally displaced go home, and Christian leaders help to rebuild a harmonious state.

Friday 10th  As we continue to adhere to the guidelines of lockdown, ask the Lord to help us to understand that this is our way of showing care, concern, and love for each other’s safety and health. 

Saturday 11th Remember in prayer medical experts who have life and death decisions to make. We pray too for all doctors, nurses, midwives, and hospital staff who continue to work in challenging circumstances.

Sunday 12th Give thanks for all those who are enjoying our Sunday fellowship on Zoom, for the new friendships being made, for the new ways we are worshipping together, and for the growing numbers joining us each Sunday. We pray too for our Pathfinders’ new Zoom fellowship and ask God to bless Anne and Ruaridh in their work. 

Monday 13th Give thanks that worship at home with our Sunday Worship online on our website has been so special. We pray too for Andrew and the Praise Band who have started to meet online, and the joy their music brings to us during lockdown. 

Tuesday 14th Today we remember Victims of Honour-based Violence around the world but also in Britain. Pray for the work of True Honour, and the Halo Project, which help, protect and provide refuge for potential victims.

Wednesday 15th  Our Bible is full of God speaking through dreams: are we open and truly listening for God’s voice? Pray that we may listen with spiritual sensitivity  to the dreams and longings that family and friends –and even strangers—may share with us!

Thursday 16th Remember those coming to the end of furlough, particularly those facing redundancy once financial contributions to wages are required from employers. Ask for God’s comfort and support for all those unemployed, especially young people, facing uncertain futures and lack of job opportunities.

Friday 17th On the World Day for International Justice, pray that we in Britain will not just express sympathy for anti-racist demonstrations, but fundamentally change our attitudes and actions, and insist on the full historical truth of slavery, colonisation, and the subjugation of peoples being taught in all schools.

Saturday 18th On Nelson Mandela International Day , as we sincerely believe that “Black Lives Matter”, pray that we may show by the way we live our lives how fully we respect people of all races and value them equally. Ask God to bring about fundamental change in people’s minds and hearts so that those in authority take practical action to remove racism from every aspect of our society.

Sunday 19th  On this Sea Sunday, pray for all those seafarers and their families, especially crew who have been unable to leave their ships for months because of the global pandemic of Covid-19 , and give thanks for the work of Sea Chaplains

Monday 20th Today is Space Exploration Day in human calendars, but all time is relative in our universe. Pray for space to be kept free from militarisation, colonisation, and for it to be shared internationally for peaceful purposes.

Tuesday 21st Science is about knowledge of God’s World! This year we celebrate 50 years of the Church of Scotland’s Society Religion and Technology Project (now part of the Faith Impact Forum). Pray that, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Church leaders may speak out prophetically about the ethical uses of science and technology in our world.

Wednesday 22nd Pray for our Voice Project teenage choir which has moved online and is growing in numbers. Give thanks for the ways technology means we can sing and play music together even if we can’t meet in person to do so. 

Thursday 23rd In Good Care month, remember in prayer the wonderful work of carers. With huge shortages, there is an urgent need to recruit and retain more staff and pay them well. Pray for just rewards for these skilled, generous people, and for more people to join them.

Friday 24th In Talk to Us month and on Samaritans Awareness Day, we are being challenged to become better listeners. Ask God to steer us individually to care so much about others as to give them our full attention and allow them all the time they need to express themselves fully; pray that each of us may develop Christian listening skills of a high order.

Saturday 25th In our Church of Scotland magazine,  “Life and Work” we read that the narrow-leafed Campion became extinct 30,000 years ago; but squirrels had buried its seeds in the Siberian permafrost. Thank God that these rediscovered seeds were expertly replanted and grew into mature plants-- a natural miracle of resurrection from the dead!

Sunday 26th  “The scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” (Romans: 15.4) During this time of unprecedented restrictions and lack of certainty about the future, hope is in short supply. Pray for God’s eternal hope to be implanted in our hearts to uphold us.  

Monday 27th Recently, families have felt separated as never before. In Family Re-Union Month, pray for patience and endurance, and assurance that this will soon end. Pray for hope for refugee families desperately waiting to re-united with loved ones across the world.  

Tuesday 28th 290 million people are living with viral hepatitis, but are unaware of it. On World Hepatitis Day, pray for success in identifying all these undiagnosed sufferers and linking them to expert care, so that millions do not continue to suffer and lose their lives. Pray too for the work of the vaccine for Covid-19. 

Wednesday 29th Pray for God’s blessing on Healthcare and Prison Chaplains such as those featured recently in “Life and Work” magazine, meeting difficult challenges in the Covid-19 world; ask for them to be strengthened and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Thursday 30th  At this time of global pandemic, pray for the world’s poorest, pushed to the brink of survival, and for the work of Christian Aid as it tries to meet many of these needs, with diminishing income and resources.

Friday 31st Pray for our finance team as they explore ways of reducing costs, with no income from closed church halls and uncertain future income, we pray for success in our new online donation option.