Monthly Prayer Diary

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Saturday 1st “Mayday” (from the French “m’aidez”) became the international emergency  distress signal in the air and at sea. On May Day, pray for God’s blessing on all emergency workers, para-medics, air-sea rescue and mountain rescue teams.


Sunday 2nd Globally 235 million people suffer from asthma, 1.1 million in the UK. On World Asthma Day, pray for a better understanding of asthma and an end to dangerous misconceptions, such as that asthma is infectious, everyone grows out of their childhood asthma, and people with asthma shouldn't exercise.

Monday 3rd   Yesterday was International Dawn Chorus Day! Praise God for the joy of beautiful birdsong—of which we may have become more aware during the pandemic.


Tuesday 4th In Maternal Mental Health Week, let us recognise the mental strains from the pandemic. Pray for our loving Lord to be with mothers and others who may feel especially lonely, isolated, depressed, and cannot see a way out. Pray for a friend to contact them today. Ask God’s blessing on all the work of the Samaritans.


Wednesday 5th Thank God for the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah, who by their courage saved many boy children in Egypt. On the International Day of Midwives, pray God’s blessing on all these vital workers and the expectant mothers they care for, as well the unique children they help into the world.


Thursday 6th  On Election Day for the Scottish Parliament, pray for all people voting for the first time, 16 to 20 year olds, and 20,000 refugees newly given voting rights, that this will be a truly worthwhile experience, asking our Father to bring lasting good from this democratic process.


Friday 7th Bring before God the people of India and the enormous suffering from Covid-19. Pray for urgent generosity across the world to share medical equipment and supplies, especially oxygen, so that eager co-operation, not selfish competition, may predominate in our inter-dependent world. 


Saturday 8th  Today is Ovarian Cancer Day, In Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Pray for God to warmly bless all the patents and staff at the Marie Curie Hospice, Fairmilehead.


Sunday 9th  National Schizophrenia Awareness Day shines a light on the challenges faced by hundreds of thousands of people living with schizophrenia in the UK. Pray for an end to the stigma surrounding this much misunderstood illness and for vital care support to be available.


Monday 10th  A woman sings a deep, joyful tune. Her song lifts the spirits of the other women on the farm. This is Florence, who could easily have been defeated by drought and floods. But she is a fighter”. Pray that we will support people like Florence and help them fight the climate crisis with reliable sources of clean water, as we contribute to Christian Aid Week, which starts today.

Tuesday 11th  This is M.E. Awareness Week; sometimes referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome, ME is very difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. Pray for every sufferer (and any known to you) and for new insights and treatments for this life-denying illness.

Wednesday 12th On International Nurses Day, we need no encouragement to pray for our brave and often exhausted nursing staff. But ask God to be powerfully at work encouraging new nursing recruits to come forward and ensuring that all nurses who want to come here from abroad find no bureaucratic hurdles stopping them.  

Thursday 13th Today is Ascension Day: pray for God to illumine our hearts and lives with a truly Christ-like understanding of life and death “as part of a continuum –where life that comes from God returns to God” (Rev. Dr. John Chalmers)

Friday 14th  Increases in world population to 10 billion people will halve the available freshwater by 2050.In Water Saving Week, pray that we will become ever more conscious and responsible users of Scotland’s natural water resources, avoiding any waste.

Saturday 15th On the  International Day of Families, ask a blessing on every family and every child in our fellowship, and thank God for the work continuing online to make them feel welcome and valued, through Chit Chat Church and other initiatives.

Sunday 16th  On the International Day of Light, let us share the joy of our sisters and brothers in the church of South India in Kerala state , and celebrate with them “the triumph of life over death and light over darkness”, for while “darkness keeps trying to find a way, light ultimately triumphs.” (Vinod Victor)

Monday 17th “Covid 19 is our Noah moment, as long as we can find our way to the Ark of the ties that unite us: of love and of common belonging....We are being sifted, yes, and it is painful....But there is also an opportunity in this crisis to come out better.”(Pope Francis). Pray that our loving God will bring much good out of the evils of this testing time.

Tuesday 18th  In Dementia Awareness Week, pray for all who live with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease and for their relatives, for a speedy end to difficulties in visiting them in care and nursing homes, and for a return of the wonderful work of groups using music to help those living with dementia so successfully.

Wednesday 19th Foster care transforms the lives of children. In Foster Care Fortnight, pray that many more people will truly understand the amazing value of fostering and the positive difference it can make to young people’s lives; and ask God’s blessing to encourage more people to consider fostering, especially in Edinburgh.

Thursday 20th  Loving Father, we bring before you the sharp increase in gun-related deaths in  USA. Comfort the families of the 19,000 people shot dead in 2020. Give wisdom to President Biden and Congress as they try to agree and pass new gun control measures.

Friday 21st  Loving Lord Jesus, our Good Shepherd, you know us individually as your very own sheep. Although we often wander away, help us to hear your voice, calling us through life’s deserts and storms, assuring us that we are deeply loved, and encouraging us to love and be loved. Help us to know you, to lean on you, and to find our place in your beloved flock, so that, even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we may know your goodness and kindness will guard us all the days of our life, and beyond.

Saturday 22nd On the International Day for Biological Diversity, thank God for the  life of the Duke of Edinburgh and his pioneering devotion to saving wildlife, and for the amazing  contribution of David Attenborough to our concern for preserving God’s wonderful creation.

Sunday 23rd  Today is the joyful day of Pentecost, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.  All of us are called to go forth to all people, with this tiny seed of the Spirit, to grow and to nourish it and to heal. It is our responsibility to welcome the spirit of Jesus into our being. (Jean Vanier) Pray that God will plant and grow this seed in our hearts and use its healing powers wonderfully in our lives.

Monday 24th Ask God’s warm blessing on the life-enriching work of Richmond’s Hope (based in Craigmillar church, Edinburgh, and Glasgow) which ministers to children aged 4 to 18 who have suffered loss of a loved-one. Pray for every bereaved child to feel God’s loving arms around them.

Tuesday 25th The agony of parents of a missing child has been vividly seen on television. On International Missing Children’s Day, pray for God’s loving comfort to enwrap such parents. Pray for a special blessing on the work of Missing People, whose vision is “for every missing child and every loved one left behind, to find help, hope and a safe way to reconnect”.

Wednesday 26th  “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” (Ghandi). This is National Children’s Gardening Week. Pray that initiatives to involve children in growing vegetables, fruit and flowers will strongly connect future generations with the natural world. Pray for God’s rich blessing on gardening groups for torture survivors.

Thursday 27th “There is no shame in tears: indeed it can be said that there is great strength to be derived from our weeping” (Very Rev. Dr. John Chalmers). Pray for our loving Father to be present in our tears and those suffering deeply to somehow make their tears a blessing.

Friday 28th Please pray that funding may be secured for the church roofing works, and that God would guide the Kirk Session considering the tender report today.

Saturday 29th On the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, pray for one of the thirteen areas where such forces are present, (perhaps Congo, Kashmir, South Sudan, or Lebanon), that they may bring true peace and stability.

Sunday 30th On World Multiple Sclerosis Day, remember the 110,000 people living with this condition in the UK, whose support services have been badly affected over the last year. Pray for a rapid return to high standard support regimes and for the success of at least three new treatments which offer hope of stemming and reversing developing symptoms.

Monday 31st “Reconciliation is not an extra added on once salvation was secured; reconciliation is the this time of extreme hurt, as we emerge healing slowly emerges”, pray that all who are “grieving and yearning” will be able to find “places of hope” in our church communities, which are a “powerful witness to God’s love”, and ask, “how can I be part of such an honest loving community?” (Rev. Ruth Harvey)