Autumn Lecture Series

5th Sept:

12th Sept:

19th Sept: Greenbank Parish Church - Edinburgh | 210919 (

26 Sept:  In Morningside Parish Church 

Very Revd Albert Bogle, former Moderator, and the Pioneer Minister of Sanctuary First, an online worshipping community, will talk about the evolution of his web-based church and community and the possibilities for the future.

Shaping a Faith Community In A Digital Age 

"I want to affirm the entrepreneurial opportunities that being a parish minister in the Church of Scotland can bring. The role of the parish church is not over but it will need to embrace a new way of developing and sustaining community. " (Albert Bogle)

“Online worship helps us to engage in two spaces at once. To live in the physical world; while reminding us that worship is not simply an earthly pursuit in time and space but it is a hybrid experience drawing us into the heart of the eternal.” (Albert Bogle)

Here is a link to download the app if you wish more information.