Gift-A-Poem for Edinburgh School Uniform Bank

Mairi, a talented poet and one of our Pathfinders would like us to help raise money from the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank, a chairity which gives new school uniforms to children who need them.  

Mairi loves writing poetry and will write one for you, on a theme of your choosing.  She can also record it for you too if you wish.  If you would like her to write a poem for you please e-mail Carole in the office and she will pass on your request to Mairi.

We hope to raise at least£100.


Edinburgh School Uniform Bank

“uniform (adj.) the same; not changing or different in any way” – Collins Dictionary

We believe that every child deserves to look and feel smart at school, to feel that they belong, and to avoid the negative effects of hardship on their wellbeing and education.   3,249 children kitted out since 2015

We distribute bespoke packs of new school uniform to hundreds of Edinburgh families each year, as well as supplying nearly-new uniform to schools and community groups. Unfortunately, the need for our services is growing fast.

By supporting our work, you can help a wee one feel included, enabling them to fit in with their classmates. You can be the difference between a teenager attending school and engaging with their education or staying away. You can give a child the confidence to work hard in the classroom and take part in activities, instead of fretting about not having a gym kit.

“The uniforms are such good quality and enable the children who receive them to fit in with all the other children at school. They don’t stand out because they are wearing poor quality clothing or because they don’t have a school uniform at all. The uniform bags help remove some of the stigma of poverty.” – A referring professional

Registered charity no. SC047524 (SCIO)