The Pathfinders

Our Pathfinder groups meet every Sunday at 10.20am.  Once a month they meet at 10am and have breakfast together.  The two groups are aimed at our young members of secondary school age,  S1 & S2, and S3-S6.  Pathfinders discuss and learn about faith and how it can play a real and relevant part in their day to day lives in a fun, welcoming, relaxed and supportive environment.  The older Pathfinder group invites a different speaker each week to lead a discussion.  Some of these discussiosn have been on topics such as the role of prayer, inclusivity and the purpose of war.

The Pathfinders are encouraged to fundraise for different charities and they also meet socially throughout the year.

No previous church connection is needed;  you can  join Pathfinders at any stage of your faith journey.

If you would like any more information, or would be interested in getting involved with our group, please make enquiries by telephoning our Church Office 445-2374 or by e-mailing

'All are Welcome'