The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders is our group for Secondary School Students and meet every Sunday.  

Each week they meet to discuss and learn about faith and how it can play a real and active part in day to day life. We also have space to play games and chat. The group is led and organised by two volunteers who try to make this a welcoming, relaxed and safe space for the teenagers to come and explore their faith. The Pathfinders often meet for social activities, including games or movies nights in the church, or occasionally meeting for activities in and around the city.

Our youth have also had involvement with the wider church with numerous alumni having attended the National Youth Assembly and one of the group leaders was a Youth Representative at the General Assembly in 2012 and 2013.


On Saturday 28 April, 2018 some of the Pathfinders took part in the annual Forth Bridge Walk to raise funds for Christian Aid - they have raised £500 - WELL DONE!


If you would like any more information, or would be interested in getting involved with our group, please make enquiries by telephoning our Church Office 445-2374 or by e-mailing

'All are Welcome'