The Pathfinders

Our Pathfinders, for teenagers aged 13-18 cannot meet at the moment.  Anne, their leader, has sent them a shortened version of this week's topic and a prayer. 

"Over the past few weeks in Pathfinders we have been thinking about places and people from the Easter story.  This week we would have been thinking about the disciples.  Here is a much shortened version..

The disciples were a group of people hand-picked by Jesus and they couldn’t have been more different.  Sometimes they were unsure of what was going on.  If we were to try and write a job description for their job it could prove interesting to look at their daily tasks, salary, accommodation, risk assessment and benefits.  After the last meal they shared together Jesus asked them to stay awake and they fell asleep.  

Like the disciples we are unsure of what is going on at the moment, life as we know it has changed.  Schools are closed, supermarkets are open and busier than usual, exams are cancelled for the first time ever in Scotland, restaurants and cafes and places to socialise are closed, we’re supposed to keep a distance between ourselves and others, vulnerable groups are even more vulnerable.

The disciples had Jesus in front of them in all of their uncertainty even when they didn’t understand what was happening.  We can’t see him as they did but he is there just the same, through all we face, loving us, encouraging us and supporting us. 


God of all creation, you have made us with different gifts and abilities.

Please help us to use them for you.

Loving God, you made us with the ability to love others.

Please help us to show your love.

Generous God, you bless us with friendships and families.

Help us to be the person you want us to be.

Forgiving God, you are with us always, even when we get things wrong.

Thank you for your love and forgiveness.

In this coming week, be with each one of us in our changing world and help us to know that you hold us in the palm of your hand".



If you would like any more information, or would be interested in getting involved with our group when the current restrictions are lifted, please make enquiries by telephoning our Church Office 445-2374 or by e-mailing

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